Our Story

    Where the Mekong River and the Pacific Ocean meets, lies the Co Chien River Islands. The unique geographical setting of the Co Chien River Islands provides the perfect environment  to sustainably cultivate our EcoRice.


    Within these Islands lies two different ethnic groups - the Kinh and the Khmer people whom have been living in harmony for several centuries. For many generations, the Khmer and Kinh people have not deviated from following their ancestral cultivation practices of growing premium rice naturally and sustainably. One of these practices includes farming shrimp within the rice paddies, which provides extra nutrients to the crops.


   The region's unique characteristics also plays a role in creating the optimum conditions for cultivating Premium Rice. Once a year salt water from the Pacific Ocean and fresh water from the Mekong River rises up and seeps into the rice fields. This combination of salt and fresh water provides a very unique growth environment for the rice and shrimps. This introduction of salt and fresh water cleanses the fields of contaminants and provides new nutrients from the Pacific Ocean and Mekong River for the production of high-quality rice. The inundation process also carries a variety of wild shrimp into the rice paddies. 

    Furthermore, the cooperation between Eco Tiger Company, and the local farmers has allowed for an increase in employment and an increase in annual income for the local population. Farmers choosing to produce organic rice with Eco Tiger Company has seen an increase in annual rice profits of over +150% in comparison to previous years of producing non-organic rice for other clients.

   The Island's unique conditions and the farmer's focus on traditional cultivation methods, has allowed for EcoRice products to be Certified Organic by the EU, USDA, and JAS standards.

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